Color Field Sculpture by Shelley Parriott

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Enjoy our new video!

Interactive Outdoor Sculpture Installation by Shelley Parriott at Rye Arts Center. 
Children enter into and move through the colorful transparencies. 
A-MAZE-ING™ Public Art
by Color Field Sculpture, Inc.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Shelley Parriott - IT’S HAPPENING OUTDOORS - New for Spring / Summer 2016 - Color Field Sculpture

Rye Arts Center
51 Milton Road, Rye, NY   (914) 967-0700

Shelley Parriott -- A new transparent Color Field SculptureInstallation 

adding spring colors to a cloudy day!  On view through the summer.


High Falls Emporium 
10 Old State Route 213, High Falls, New York  
Curated by the Wired Gallery, High Falls  (682) 564-5613

Color Field Sculpture™ Installation: Warm Hues 
As light passes through the transparency of the sculpture, the atmosphere shifts; shapes that at first glance appear to be solid and corporeal now elude definition.

OPENING:  May 21, 2016   2:30 pm  New sculpture garden in High Falls at the 
High Falls Emporium. Free food and live music by Sara Hulse Band. Come and cheer 11 artists and their awesome works displayed outdoors for the enjoyment of all at all times. 


Reeves-Reed Arboretum
165 Hobart Ave, Summit, New Jersey  07901     908-273-8787
Office Hours Tues - Fri 10am - 4pm 
MEET THE ARTISTS:  July 10, 2016  2-4 pm
On view now and through the summer!
Indoors:  A highlight of this year's event will be the exhibition, THE BLUE PLANET, waterscapes by renowned artist Julio Valdez
Outdoors - Grounds Open Dawn to Dusk: installation works on the grounds by featured sculptors:
Shelley Parriott, A transparent Color Field SculptureInstallation:  “Watercolors”

In a painterly approach to sculpture, Color Field Sculpture™ Installations are created up to any scale.  Light passing through overlapping transparencies creates ever-changing patterns within the sheers ... referencing sun shimmering on the surface of a cool lake.

Installed on sites by Todd Brannon

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Shelley Parriott - Color Field Sculpture - Sun and the River

From Solid to Sheer - Material - Immaterial

In a painterly approach to sculpture overlapping sheers of powder coated perforated aluminum are imbued with light.  Airy, chromatic forms seem to appear - disappear - reappear - transform from solid to transparent - and create constantly changing patterns as the illusory sculpture interacts with the environment. 

Installing: Todd Brannon and assistants 

Color Field Sculpture with Yellows - Shelley Parriott

Overlapping Transparencies create constantly changing patterns.